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Mapping Conservative and Republican Areas in the US

A two-party system exists in the United States where most major elections — including races for president, governor, and Congress — feature a Democrat and a Republican to choose from on the ticket. Third parties have succeeded in winning some elections, but such cases are rare. Our political maps are powered by data analyzed across multiple years in major elections across the country. Area shaded in deeper blue tend to vote more Democratic while the red shaded areas on our maps are more Republican enclaves.

In these polarized times, you may be surprised to learn that, in most populated places, our country is a mix of political ideologies. For example, the southern states are considered quite Republican, but the map below shows that variation exists everywhere:

There are areas, mostly around major cities, that are more liberal and tend to vote more Democratic. The more rural the area, the more likely it is to be conservative and vote for Republicans. Meanwhile mid-sized cities and suburbs are often split evenly or lean just slightly to one direction. Almost anywhere you might live in the US, you're probably within 50-100 miles of 1000's of people who differ from your own political ideology. It's at once a beautiful thing, but also a challenging reality for our democracy.

25.34% of US citizens live in counties where voters are more or less split evenly. You'll find those areas shaded pink  on our maps along with light blue and light red areas representing just slight majorities in many counties as well.

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The Most Democratic and Republican Areas in the US

Of course, it goes without saying that an area we would consider heavily democratic such as Portland, OR could still consist of 42.2% conservative voters living in that area.  Or an almost stereotypically rural state like Montana could elect a democratic Governor with support from Missoula, MT. There are interesting political anomalies across the country. Click on a location below to explore your local political map. You may be surprised what you find.

While most of America is a mix of liberals, conservatives, and everything in between, it's also interesting to note which locations have a heavy slant one direction or the other. The below cities have a population of 25,000 or higher and have voted very consistently for either the democratic or republican party in major elections since 2012.


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