The map below shows the political leanings of people in and around 77084. Darker red areas have almost entirely Republican voters, dark blue areas vote mostly for Democrats, and areas in lighter shades or in light purple are areas where the vote is usually split between parties.

Katy, TX map (which includes 77084) of Democratic vs. Republican areas

Politics Key

Very liberal
Split evenly
Very conservative


77084 tends to be a political battleground based on voting results in recent elections. Compared to other nearby zip codes, 77084 has more republican voters. Compared to the nation as a whole, 77084 leans more democratic.

Highly educated populations with bachelor’s degrees or higher tend to vote for more liberal candidates. In 77084, 27.85% of all adults have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Educated women are far less likely to vote for conservatives, and in 77084 women make up 50.45% of the population.

Older Americans tend to vote more conservatively. Members of the Boomer and Silent generations (born 1928-1964) more often vote for republicans while GenX, Millennials (born 1965-1996) and younger generations consistently support democrats. The median age in 77084 is 33.3, which is younger than the national median age of 38.1.

Is 77084 a political battleground? Across all types of political contests in 77084, including state, local and presidential elections, races come within five percentage points 38% of the time.

Note: Federal, local, and state elections are weighed based on the recency of the election and the importance most voters assign to each seat.

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