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We take tens of millions of lines of data and put them in a user-friendly map. Until now it was impossible to find usable data at this scale without paying for it.

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We show the most detailed information available rather than by zip code or neighborhood. Our more granular data makes your home, apartment, or rental search much easier.

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Whether you want to find an affordable home or live next door to the world's elite, we've got you covered.

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New York City, NY


Median home price

Data for all 3,901 city blocks

Los Angeles, CA


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Data for all 16,074 city blocks

Chicago, IL


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Data for all 45,515 city blocks

Houston, TX


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Data for all 50,112 city blocks

Phoenix, AZ


Median home price

Data for all 18,402 city blocks

Philadelphia, PA


Median home price

Data for all 19,210 city blocks

Who are you, and what do you think you're doing? is run by two brothers, first started in December of 2018. The site was born out of frustration for open and honest data that was easy to use. We were looking for homes on the California coast. If you've ever lived in a city with a seasonal pollution inversion, chances are you've looked for new homes in the winter, too. Homes on the coast are expensive, so we wanted to start looking somewhere cheaper. We knew how to use Google, but were shocked to find it was nearly impossible to do something as simple as look at prices by block along the coast. Tiring of pulling up city after city, we said to ourselves, “Why isn't there a site where it's easy to browse simple data?”

After thorough investigation we were only able to find sites that would show narrow data on each page. Stunned, we combined our skills to create a basic map that was better than anything we'd found. “This should be a website,” we said. And after a long pause, a realization, and several months of work, it now is. We think what we've made speaks for itself. Browse the site, and hopefully you'll find it as useful as we did.

We don't currently make any money off the site, but someday soon we hope to offer useful links to products and services that will be both helpful and provide enough money to allow us to focus on the site full time.

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