The map below shows median household income in New York County by area. Areas in the top 1% of earnings are in purple, high-earning areas are in green, and low-earning areas are in red.

New York County, NY map of rich and poor neighborhoods by household income

Household Income Key

Top 1%


The median household income in New York County is $99,083. This means New York County income is much higher than the median income in the United States, with county household incomes in the 98th percentile. Education is usually most correlated with income, and in New York County 60% of adults have bachelor’s degrees or higher versus 31% nationwide. 1% of counties might have higher incomes, and 97% of locations would have lower household income. Compared to nearby counties family and household incomes are higher. Median income ranges from a low of $12,388 to a high of $261,251 in some neighborhoods.

Higher income areas are typically found in the central parts of the county, and lower income areas are in the northeast areas.

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