Whenever we show people bestneighborhood.kinsta.cloud, they're impressed, but immediately ask one of three questions. The most common has always been, “What about crime?” We wanted it to, but crime data is extremely daunting for many reasons. It's taken us many months to collect, clean, and parse the data the way we wanted, but it's finally done. We are pleased to announce our sister site, CrimeGrade.org, is now live. The site shows highly-detailed crime maps for the entire United States. Take a look – you've never seen anything like it. Here's an example image from the site, which will look familiar.

Crime per Capita in Los Angeles, CA

Crime Map for Los Angeles, CA

As a small startup this was an incredible task, but we have big plans. Some of those include Crime Grades, and we couldn't be more excited. So where do we go from here?

  • Add crime data to Best Neighborhood
  • Create more colorblind friendly maps
  • Update the “best places to live” pages to include Crime Grades
  • Add education score and other data to bestneighborhood
  • Create interactive maps where users can choose what matters to them and generate their own maps for the best places to live
  • Integrate vacation rentals, hotels, and homes for sale into our maps

In the meantime, enjoy the most comprehensive and detailed crime data anywhere.