In Philadelphia County there is 1 residential Cable provider covering 99.28% of the county. The average home can get speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. Note that we may have a financial relationship with some of the providers below. This does not influence rankings, and helps us provide high-quality detailed information for free.


Cable Internet Service Provider in Philadelphia County

XFINITY from Comcast | Cable



Avg. Speed:

1,000 Mbps

To avoid wasting your time, providers with less than 1% coverage in Philadelphia County are not shown.


Philadelphia County Satellite TV & Internet Providers

DISH Satellite TV



Avg. Speed:

N/A: Call to bundle.


DIRECTV Satellite TV



Avg. Speed:


Not sure whether to choose Dish or DIRECTV? For most people most of the time we recommend DISH. But click here to learn more.


HughesNet Satellite Internet



Avg. Speed:

15 Mbps

(High latency)




Where in Philadelphia County is cable internet available?

Philadelphia County, PA map of cable internet availability

Cable Internet Availability Key



Cable is available in 99.28% of Philadelphia County. Areas in green have cable internet service, where areas in yellow or red may not. The most widely available provider is XFINITY. Call one of the companies with service in Philadelphia County above to see who has service at your home.


How fast is cable internet in Philadelphia County?

The map below shows maximum cable internet speeds by area in Philadelphia County.

Philadelphia County, PA map of the fastest cable internet speeds

Cable Internet Speed Key

1 Mbps
50 Mbps
1000 Mbps+


The average Philadelphia County home can get up to 1,000 Mbps on their cable internet plan. The fastest cable download speed in the county is 1,000 Mbps, which 99.28% of residents can get.

Is cable the fastest internet I can get in Philadelphia County?

The fastest internet for you may vary based on where in Philadelphia County you live. In general, fiber competes most often with cable in the county.

  • Fiber is the fastest internet type for less than 1% of Philadelphia County homes.
  • Cable is fastest for 98.99% of the county.
  • DSL is fastest for less than 1%.
  • Fixed wireless is fastest for less than 1%.
  • Satellite internet may be the only option for less than 1% of Philadelphia County homes.


Cable Providers in Depth

Below you'll find which TV and internet providers offer service in Philadelphia County, along with details on where in Philadelphia County and at what speeds.

XFINITY from Comcast Cable in Philadelphia County, PA

XFINITY cable coverage

About 99.28%, or 1,514,974 people, have XFINITY cable internet available to them in the county. The company covers the entire Philadelphia County area. XFINITY is one of the largest internet service providers internet service providers in the US, with internet service available in most of Philadelphia County.


XFINITY from Comcast cable download speeds

XFINITY is below average when comparing download speeds to all other internet providers in Philadelphia County. Versus other cable providers in the area, XFINITY cable is one of the fastest. There are no different maximum speeds throughout Philadelphia County. The fastest plan anyone in Philadelphia County can order from XFINITY goes up to 1,000 Mbps, and all Philadelphia County customers can get this speed.

Show all download speeds

The following maximum speeds are marketed to XFINITY from Comcast customers in Philadelphia County. Cheaper plans with slower speeds may be available.

  • 100.0% up to 1,000.0 Mbps


XFINITY from Comcast cable upload speeds

In Philadelphia County download speeds tend to be than upload speeds for XFINITY cable. Compared to other ISPs, XFINITY is below average where upload speeds are concerned, and below average compared to other Philadelphia County cable providers. XFINITY offers no different upload speeds across the county. The fastest upload speed available to anyone from this ISP in Philadelphia County is up to 35 Mbps, which is available to everyone covered.

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XFINITY's Philadelphia County cable customers can expect the following upload speeds:

  • 100.0% up to 35.0 Mbps





Philadelphia County Cable by Area

This information is most helpful to those looking for homes or considering moving to Philadelphia County or any of the areas nearby.

How does cable internet in Philadelphia County compare to the rest of Pennsylvania?

Cable internet speeds in Philadelphia County are comparable versus the average speeds in Pennsylvania: 979 Mbps in Pennsylvania versus 1,000 Mbps in the county. The state has similar cable availability compared to the county. Average cable coverage in Pennsylvania is 94.97% versus 99.28% in Philadelphia County.

What zip codes have cable internet?

Cable internet coverage varies by zip code and neighborhood. Some examples in or around Philadelphia County are shown below. You can enter any zip code here to see TV and internet providers by zip code.

Zip Code
Cable Coverage
Zip Code
Cable Coverage

What does cable internet look like in other counties?

Below are counties nearby and with similar populations. This comparison can be useful if living somewhere with fast internet is important to you.

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